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(Age: 17->39)

A young man with an unwavering loyalty to Keith. Initially believing that his ability to read minds was merely "weird" and "unique", Matsuka is in actuality a Mu who managed to trick the system by getting bad grades and pretending to be a just a bad student to avoid Mother. He says his Mu powers awoke on his way to the educational station when Keith first discovers he's a Mu, before being assigned to Soleid base. Which he though was so out of the way and remote he could live his life in relative peace, until Keith Anyan shows up.
He dies saving Keith from being killed by Tony, just before Keith is to meet with Jomy. In the movie however

In the Movie, Matsuka is escaping the base and hiding in Keith's room. He only shows up twice after that to save Keith at Nasca and right before meeting Jomy to deliver tea/coffee. His Mu powers are barely even remarked upon.
His death is not shown onscreen and his fate is unknown

The name "Makka" is from a misreading of マツカ as マッカ where half-height 'tsu' indicates a repeated sound of the following kana. It is incorrect as Makka in all English media (anime, movie, manga).

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