Adult Cast Symbol

Adult Cast

Contains mature themes, situations and/or characters, intended for adult audiences.

Anthropomorphic Symbol


Featuring animals or objects with human-like qualities, often in fantastical or comedic settings.

Baseball Symbol


High-stakes games and rivalries in the world of baseball, often featuring talented players and thrilling moments.

CGDCT Symbol


Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, featuring adorable characters in heartwarming and lighthearted scenarios.

Childcare Symbol


Features characters taking care of young children and the challenges they face.

Combat Sports Symbol

Combat Sports

Battles and competitions in various athletic disciplines, often with a focus on strategy and technique.

Crossdressing Symbol


Shows characters disguised as members of the opposite gender.

Delinquents Symbol


Follows the lives of young people who engage in anti-social behavior.

Detective Symbol


Mystery solving with a focus on crime-solving, detection and psychological intrigue.

Doujinshi Symbol


Self-published works, often created by fans, which can range from parodies to original content.

Educational Symbol


Focuses on teaching real-life subjects, often through fictional stories.

Gag Humor Symbol

Gag Humor

Comical and silly stories, often relying on physical comedy or puns for laughter.

Gender Bender Symbol

Gender Bender

Features characters switching their gender, either through physical changes or through disguise.

Gore Symbol


Intense violence and graphic depictions of death and injury, often in horror or action settings.

Harem Symbol


Romantic comedy, centered around a single male protagonist surrounded by multiple female love interests.

High Stakes Game Symbol

High Stakes Game

Involves intense competition with significant consequences for the players.

Historical Symbol


Set in the past, depicting real or imagined historical events and cultural practices.

Idols (Female) Symbol

Idols (Female)

Spotlights female characters pursuing careers as idols, usually in the entertainment industry.

Idols (Male) Symbol

Idols (Male)

Spotlights male characters pursuing careers as idols, usually in the entertainment industry.

Isekai Symbol


Characters transported to a parallel world, often with fantastical elements, and must navigate their new surroundings.

Iyashikei Symbol


Heartwarming and soothing stories that provide comfort and relaxation.

Love Polygon Symbol

Love Polygon

Complex romantic relationships involving multiple characters and love interests.

Magical Sex Shift Symbol

Magical Sex Shift

Chronicles characters who change gender or sexual orientation through magic.

Mahou Shoujo Symbol

Mahou Shoujo

Magical girls using their powers to fight evil and protect the innocent.

Martial Arts Symbol

Martial Arts

Character-driven action featuring hand-to-hand combat and intense battles.

Mecha Symbol


Futuristic stories featuring giant robots, often with a strong emphasis on action and combat.

Medical Symbol


Explores the world of medicine and healthcare through characters in hospitals, clinics, and more.

Memoir Symbol


Reflects on the past experiences and events of an individual or a community, revealing personal insights and emotions.

Military Symbol


Depicts battles, soldiers, and warfare, often featuring themes of duty, strategy, and conflict.

Music Symbol


Performances and musical themes in both fiction and reality-based stories.

Mythology Symbol


Inspired by ancient myths, legends, and folklore, exploring the myths of different cultures.

Organized Crime Symbol

Organized Crime

Chronicles the lives and conflicts of criminal organizations, their members, and their dealings.

Otaku Culture Symbol

Otaku Culture

Delves into the world of anime, manga, and video game fans, and their obsession with Japanese pop culture.

Parody Symbol


Lighthearted comedic takes on popular genres, anime, and pop culture.

Performing Arts Symbol

Performing Arts

Showcases talented characters as they pursue their passion in performance arts such as music, dance, theater, and more.

Pets Symbol


Explores the relationship between humans and their animal companions in heartwarming or sometimes humorous ways.

Psychological Symbol


Exploration of human emotions and mental states through intense character-driven stories.

Racing Symbol


High-speed action featuring characters competing in various races, often with unique vehicles.

Reincarnation Symbol


Follows characters who have been reincarnated, often exploring the consequences and implications of their past lives.

Reverse Harem Symbol

Reverse Harem

Portrays a female protagonist surrounded by multiple male admirers who compete for her affection.

Romantic Subtext Symbol

Romantic Subtext

Adds romantic tension and implied love stories between characters, often subtextual or understated.

Samurai Symbol


Historical dramas centered around samurai warriors, their battles and code of honor.

School Symbol


Coming-of-age tales set in educational institutions, with a focus on relationships and personal growth.

Showbiz Symbol


Chronicles the ups and downs of those in the entertainment industry, showcasing the pursuit of fame, fortune, and the price of success.

Space Symbol


Science fiction adventures in space with interstellar battles, alien encounters, and futuristic worlds.

Strategy Game Symbol

Strategy Game

Tactical and strategic games, where characters compete in games and contests with strategic elements.

Super Power Symbol

Super Power

Featuring characters with unique abilities, often involving battles to determine the strongest.

Survival Symbol


Struggles to stay alive in challenging and dangerous circumstances, often involving a fight for survival against external forces.

Team Sports Symbol

Team Sports

Follows a team's journey to glory through teamwork, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles in a variety of sports from basketball to soccer.

Time Travel Symbol

Time Travel

Depicts characters traveling through time, either on purpose or by accident, with the goal of changing or preserving the past, present, and future.

Vampire Symbol


Supernatural creatures that feed on blood, often featuring conflicts with humans and other vampires.

Video Game Symbol

Video Game

Characters playing and competing in video games, often with a focus on strategy and action.

Villainess Symbol


Centers around a female character initially cast as the antagonist, but her motivations and character are fleshed out as she grows and evolves.

Visual Symbol


Visual Arts Symbol

Visual Arts

Focuses on characters who are involved in creating, appreciating, and admiring art in all its forms.

Workplace Symbol


Offers a glimpse into the lives of employees in a variety of industries, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of their daily work routine.