Action Symbol


Fast-paced, intense, and action-packed with high-stakes physical conflict.

Adventure Symbol


Epic journeys filled with danger and excitement, exploring strange new worlds and encountering obstacles along the way.

Avant Garde Symbol

Avant Garde

Bold and experimental, pushing boundaries and exploring unconventional themes and styles.

Award Winning Symbol

Award Winning

Celebrated works of excellence, recognized for their impact and creativity through awards and accolades.

Comedy Symbol


Lighthearted and entertaining, with a focus on making the audience laugh through humor and comedic situations.

Drama Symbol


Emotional and thought-provoking, exploring personal relationships and the struggles of everyday life.

Ecchi Symbol


Fanservice-focused with suggestive or sexual content, but typically not explicit.

Erotica Symbol


Sexually explicit content that is intended to sexually arouse the viewer.

Fantasy Symbol


Set in imagined worlds filled with magic and mythical creatures, where anything is possible.

Gourmet Symbol


Delightful explorations of food and dining, showcasing the art of cooking, ingredients, and the culture of cuisine.

Hentai Symbol


Adult content featuring sexually explicit themes, including sexual violence and fetish elements.

Horror Symbol


Dark, suspenseful, and frightening, with an emphasis on jump scares and supernatural elements.

Josei Symbol


Aimed at a mature female audience, exploring more realistic and adult themes.

Kids Symbol


Lighthearted and playful, with a focus on storytelling and themes appropriate for young children.

Magic Symbol


Featuring magic and other supernatural elements, often involving wizards, sorcerers, and magical creatures.

Mystery Symbol


Explores the solving of crime and puzzles through investigation and deduction, often with unexpected twists and turns.

Romance Symbol


Heartwarming and romantic, focusing on relationships and love between characters.

Sci-Fi Symbol


Futuristic and technological, with a focus on advanced science and technology.

Seinen Symbol


For mature male audiences, tackling serious, thought-provoking, and sometimes dark themes and situations.

Shoujo Symbol


Aimed at a young female audience, with a focus on romance, drama, and emotional themes.

Shoujo Ai Symbol

Shoujo Ai

Telling love stories between two females, highlighting emotional connections and relationship dynamics.

Shounen Symbol


Action-packed and high-energy, geared towards a young male audience.

Shounen Ai Symbol

Shounen Ai

Romantic and emotional tales of love between two males, with a focus on relationship development and emotional depth.

Slice of Life Symbol

Slice of Life

Relaxing and relatable, depicting everyday experiences and emotions of the characters in a realistic and familiar way.

Sports Symbol


Featuring intense athletic competition and the perseverance, discipline, and teamwork required to succeed.

Supernatural Symbol


Thrilling tales of the paranormal and mysterious, with supernatural beings, abilities, and events.

Suspense Symbol


Edge-of-your-seat storytelling, full of twists and turns, and unpredictable events that keep you on the edge.